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Asgent Announces “Evolving Targeted Attacks and the Reality Behind Human Hacking” Seminar

- Learn about social engineering from leaders in the field -

April 9, 2013
Asgent, Inc.

Asgent, Inc. (President & CEO: Takahiro Sugimoto, located in Chuo-ku, Tokyo), a pioneer in network security and operations management solutions, announces that a seminar entitled “Evolving Targeted Attacks and the Reality Behind Human Hacking” will be held on May 24 (Friday) at the Hulic Hall (Taito-ku, Tokyo). Admission is free but there is limit of 200 participants. In this seminar, leaders in the field of social engineering will introduce human hacking methods, in order to explain the importance of measures to deal with social engineering, to people involved with security such as government agencies, financial institutions, corporate leaders/management and information department administrators.

Security incidents such as targeted cyber-attacks, botnet infection and data leakage from remote-controlled viruses are occurring on a daily basis. Looking at the basis for these attacks, technical methods utilizing IT technology tend to gain the limelight, whereas in many cases social engineering methodology is the actual culprit. Regardless of how superior the security technology, it is still humans who both manage and use it. Attackers realize this and use social engineering techniques that target human psychology and blind spots or common mistakes made in human behavior to illegally obtain information. Targeted attacks and phishing utilize a combination of IT technology and social engineering, so taking measures against social engineering should be one of the first steps in an effective information security protective measure.

The speakers at this conference are Kevin Mitnick, once the world’s most famous hacker (※1) (currently the head of Mitnick Security, Kevin performs awareness raising activities around the world), Chris Hadnagy, the leader in social engineering frameworks who has spoken at such well renowned security conferences as the RSA conference and SANS, and finally Akihiko Komase, Security Center Fellow at Asgent. Kevin Mitnick’s performance and demonstration in particular will deal with human hacking attacks in an entertaining manner that will make it easy for those not familiar with IT technology, such as corporate management, to understand and follow.

※1 Kevin Mitnick’s speech and demonstration will be broadcast live from the US.

【Seminar Outline】

Title Evolving Targeted Attacks and the Reality Behind Human Hacking
Leaders in the Field Speak
- Kevin Mitnick, Christopher Hadnagy, Akihiko Komase -

Host Asgent, Inc.
Date/Time May 24, 2013 (Friday) 13:15〜17:00 (Reception: 12:30〜)
Venue Hulic Hall Asakusabashi 1-22-16, Taito-ku, Tokyo
(1 minute from JR Asakusabashi West Gate, 2 minutes from Toei Asakusa Line Asakusabashi A3 Gate)
Number of Participants 200
Admission Free
Application Please complete the application form on Asgent homepage (
Contact Info Asgent, Inc. Seminar Office
TEL:03-6853-7402 /

【Agenda / Speaker Profile】

13:15〜 “Social Engineering: The Art of Human Hacking”

Christopher Hadnagy

Foremost leader in social engineering frameworks. Speaker on social engineering at well renowned security conferences such as the RSA conference and SANS, and performs consulting services such as social engineering audits and penetration testing. His works include “Social Engineering” (Nikkei BP, Published 2012).

14:15〜 “SecurityPlus Solution”

Akihiko Komase

As Security Center Fellow at the Asgent Managed Security Service Center, is primarily engaged in analyzing and creating countermeasures for security incidents. Also, as an expert in the information security, business continuity planning and risk management fields, participates in steering committees and working groups for JIPDEC and BCI Japan, and is also involved with formulation of guidelines, standards and policies for the same organizations. Awarded the “Industrial Standardization Merit Award” by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Infrastructure in October 2012.

14:45〜 Break

15:00〜 “The Art of Deception”

Kevin Mitnick (Live broadcast from the US)

The world’s most famous hacker and model for the movie “Takedown”. Master of social engineering. Currently the head of a security consulting company, and performs awareness raising activities around the world. His works include “The Art of Deception”, which is also the title of his speech.

16:30〜 Panel Discussion

We invite the three foremost authorities on social engineering to look back at recent targeted security incidents/accidents and discuss what measures organizations need to take to defend themselves.

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