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[Product Sales]

Focusing on overseas vendors
1) With high global market share
2)That are startup products with a clear product lineup

Asgent brought Check Point (/Nokia) firewalls to the Japan market when they were still a startup. Asgent now has the majority share of the Japanese market for Check Point products.

[Product Integrated Services]

Providing 1)Managed Security Service, 2)Network design/construction, 3)Assessment, 4)Consulting/Auditing and 5)Maintenance with products as complete packages.

[Awareness Building Activities]

1)Working with METI and BSI to promote ISO27000 etc. and 2)Expanding the security market through training activities.
Top share in ISMS Auditor training and development

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IS 76150 / ISO (JIS Q) 27001

Check Point Distributer Partner

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