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For handling of personal information (including specific personal information and the like), Asgent, Inc. (“Asgent,” ”we,” ”us,” “our,” or other related grammatical variants) is committed for protecting the personal information of customers (“customer(s),” “you,” “your,” or other related grammatical variants) from unauthorized use, unauthorized access, being compromised, being falsified, etc. To fulfill this commitment, we have established an administrator who treats personal information in accordance with the standards for handling such information and the personal information protection system that we have prescribed. We implement the measures described herein.

Collection, Use, Supply, and Consignment of Personal Information

We may collect your personal information within the appropriate scope during the process of inquiries and applications concerning our services, etc. (including the offering of products, training, seminars, and the like); provided, however, that, even in such cases, such collection is limited to cases in which we obtain your consent.

[Purpose of Use]
We will use the personal information we collect from you for the following purposes:

  1. To provide you with notifications related to our products, services, etc., as well as other types of information.
  2. To supply our products and services.
  3. To investigate and analyze the status of use of our products and services.
  4. To respond to your inquiries.

Moreover, in order to respond to your requests, we may provide our business partners with your personal information; provided, however, that even in such a case, we will require them to appropriately manage such personal information and will supply the same to the required minimum number of persons in charge.

[Cooperation with Third Parties]
We may provide a third party with personal information or consign handling of personal information to a third party after acquiring your consent in advance and based on the nature of your consent. In such cases, we will select a third party that is deemed capable of appropriately handling the relevant information. We will properly stipulate matters related to handling of personal information under a consignment contract, including security control measures, confidentiality, conditions for reconsignment, and return of personal information at the time of termination of the contract, and we will implement necessary and appropriate supervision.
If we provide a third party located overseas with your personal information, We may provide a third party with personal information that we hold, provided that we will process it in a manner such that it becomes impossible to identify individuals (i.e., in the form of anonymized personal information or statistical information).

Secure Control of Personal Information

We will implement reasonable security control measures so that we do not cause unauthorized access to, loss of, falsification of, leakage of, etc. personal information.
Making use of the framework of associated laws and regulations, guidelines, and our ISMS (i.e., Information Security Management System ), we will appropriately implement the following security control measures related to personal information that we hold.

  1. Formulation of Basic Policy: As an organization, we have formulated a basic policy to ensure appropriate treatment of personal information.
  2. Establishment of Discipline Related to Handling of Personal Information: We have formulated regulations that specify methods for handling personal information, person(s) responsible therefor, person(s) in charge thereof, tasks thereof, etc.
  3. Technical and Physical Security Control Measures:
    • Personal information access control (restriction of persons authorized to access the information)
    • Systems for monitoring access status (e.g., concerning long-term storage of access logs)
    • Regular review of persons authorized to access the information.
    • Access control, and the like.
    • Measures for prevention of unauthorized external access (e.g., firewall installment).
  4. Organizational Security Control Measures:
    • Appointment of an information security officer, who is a person responsible for managing personal information, and clear regulation of responsibilities and authorities of employees with regard to the secure control of personal information.
    • Supervision of employees (including dispatched employees) and arrangement of a system for reporting to and contacting person(s) responsible in cases in which a violation and/or breach of laws and/or regulations on handling personal information, or the likelihood of any thereof, is identified.
    • Provision of internal regulations and manuals related to security control, ensuring employee compliance, implementing appropriate auditing of their compliance, and continuous improvement of these internal regulations and manuals.
  5. Human Security Control Measures:
    • Provision of regular education training sessions related to the secure control of personal information for our employees.

Ensuring Accuracy of Acquired Personal Information

We will endeavor to maintain obtained personal information in an up-to-date state at all times based on a system and structure for updating the same.

Observance of Laws, Regulations, and Other Norms

When handling personal information, we will comply with relevant laws, regulations, other guidelines, and norms of the country of Japan related to the protection of personal information and secrecy of communications.

Contact Information Related to Treatment of Personal Information

If you do not wish to receive any guidance related to our services, or if you have any complaints or inquiries, or desire consultation, about our disclosure, revision, deletion, or handling of personal information, please contact us at We will respond thereto as soon as reasonably practicable after confirming your identity.

Desk for Inquiries and Complaints Related to Personal Information

Asgent, Inc.
Nichirei Akashicho Building 6-4 Akashicho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0044

Appellation, Address, and Name of Representative of the Business Handling Personal Information

Asgent, Inc.
Nichirei Akashicho Building 6-4 Akashicho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0044
President & C.E.O. Takahiro Sugimoto

Modification and Revision of the Personal Information Protection Policy

If we modify or revise the content of the Personal Information Protection Policy, we will notify you via this website and update the effective date.

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